Winners Don’t Win: Part 1

Time, Space, and Tennis

Westy Reflector
5 min readFeb 13, 2024

Zero-zero. Love-love. Lazy sunshine, soft breeze, nothing beyond this moment.


Two settings stretch time for me: playing music and playing tennis. In a continuum of crescendos and rests, each space buffers my senses with silence, rewarding me with greater and greater focus and unity of body and mind.

When things distill to a glorious present as I play (with a guitar or a racquet) — there is only my next note or my next shot.

I am in motion and also still.

I don’t flow, though. I am flow.

Silence is not a prerequisite for stillness, but it can be a superhighway. Even in the center of kinetic fury, however, one can find stillness in the noise.

Find your stillness; find your world.

There are places where you and others share a wavelength that never lets you down. In those continuums, nothing else — no one else — matters. Everything except the present — the now — is irrelevant.

Achieving a state of exquisite flow is one thing — being able to share in it, as I have on stage or on a tennis court, is where I find humanity. And whole lot of fun.