The Last Repair

Meta Meat Team Mate

Westy Reflector
11 min readFeb 26, 2023

Amuse Bouche:



“food synthesizer” (dall-e2)

Ford Kharkey sat behind the wheel of his immaculate repair van, eyes scanning the road ahead. His assistant, Cleave, a lumpy nug of rich red and pink ground beef, sat shotgun, upright in a plastic tub secured by a metal O-ring lashed to the passenger seatbelt. Just south of Belle Glade on Florida 27, they drove in silence for a while, punctuated by the intermittent sounds of love bug splats and wipers against the windshield.

As nugs went, Cleave was the best repairmeat Ford had ever worked with, going 22 years back to his first gig with The Burbegeir Bumbger Corporation. Their first-generation stem-cell driven vending machine, the Forgottomanni.1000 Food Synthesizer, named for the co-inventor of sentient…