Spins 2024, vol 1

Bygones, Interstate Daydreams, and Canyon Songs

Westy Reflector
10 min readFeb 9, 2024

I returned from my latest extended trip to Florida about 3 weeks ago. With no turntable down there, my record collection, 1200 miles north, is one of the few things I always miss about my Brooklyn life. And by few things, I mean often one of the only things. I mean, the difference between FL and NY in the view out my front door is pretty stark:


Ok, not fair, I know. Egrets are smart enough not to try to cross Brooklyn streets. Because yes, in the Brooklyn pic, those are cars using the sidewalk as a traffic lane to go around a USPS truck, idling in the middle of the street as it awaits a loading bay in a post office to the left of its cab. And yes, there was an elementary school letting out about 200 yards down at the end of the block. And yes, the furthest car to the right on the sidewalk is a USPS supervisor’s parked car (as she does every day). And, yes, the delivery e-cyclist on the right was on the sidewalk, until he had to move into the street to avoid the cars on the sidewalk. Lol, NYC, amirite?

In any event, when I spend long enough time away from my stuff, I will forget a lot of…