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4 min readFeb 16, 2024
Smith/9th Street F/G stop // Feb 2024
Smith/9th Street F/G stop // Feb 2024

There are now only two classes of people: those “important” enough to warrant protection from “deep fakes,” and the rest of us, whose personhoods are a collective pedestrian commodity to the system, and whose “reputations” have no value beyond their small social circles.

No one can “steal” Taylor Swift’s identity. My obscure personhood, on the other hand? Up for grabs. I know, because according to our health and dental insurances, and our mortgage company, our identities have been fenced and resold out of the back of a windowless Sprinter van a few times…

Gotten two free years of identity monitoring each time, though, and a few lessons on how to “freeze your credit without affecting your credit score!” So it wasn’t a total loss.

pie chart of “fU(|<s” // NYC 2012
pie chart of “F|_|(|<s” // NYC 2012

Kinda fascinating how so many people dedicate their life forces and creativity to the advertising of GMO stuffed crust pizza

No judgment. They just do, for, like, decades. I wish I had that kind of conviction.

Of course, courage is changing your mind, where conviction is believing your lies.