Kites Riding Waves

Westy Reflector
4 min readJun 24, 2019

via Powerkiting YouTube

Lac du Der ‘station nautique’ France.

Natuur en recreatie, genoeg te beleven voor een weekendje weg.
Ondanks het koude weer toch nog een uurtje gevliegerd met de Freilein.

Nature and recreation, enough to experience for a weekend away.
Despite the cold weather, still flying an hour with the Freilein.

Music: Westy Reflector — ‘Riding Waves’

The Internet fulfills its archaic promises when shared passions become community. When the net first gained cultural traction, nasty offensive smack was talked, of course, but digital space wasn’t a tool of division, so much as a journey of discovery and connections. It was a weird (in the best Austinite way) and wonderful window into what other people were thinking and doing, made even better when the most obscure and arcane passion saw a light of day in ways no other communication system in human history allowed. Net 1.0 was a networker’s tangible dream, built by concrete dreamers. The physicality of the network itself was way more evident, too: the iconic modem handshake sound; the wires into your computer; the relentless arrival AOL discs in your mailbox…