Club Life

a full day

Westy Reflector


“I have pickleball, bridge, yoga, pottery, then beading. I won’t be able to shower, or change all day.”

“You could skip bridge.”

“No I can’t! I cannot afford to miss a lesson.”

Blackwood’s easy. I can teach you.”

“I will skip something else, then.”

“Hey, did you hear me? You don’t have to-”

“Now I think I skip beading. It’s too much. Besides, I’m coming back to pick you up after pickleball for bridge.”

“How about I come get you at the clubhouse, instead? Then you can change in the locker room. And then you can do everything you want?”

“Ok. So you’ll put everything in the car and see me at a quarter to ten?”


“Perfecto for me…”

“Ok, then.”

“Also, I’m making my apple cake and I need apples. 5 apples.”


“Yes, 5.”

“Ok. I’ll go to Publix for you. What kind?”

“Nothing too sour. No Granny Smith. Maybe Fuji, or Gala, or Jonnymac. And they have to be crisp. Nothing mushy. Nothing green.”

“No problem.”

“Great. I’m going to keep getting ready now.”

“You do that.”