A Week in Spins

needle in the grooves

Westy Reflector


Inaugural edition. Vinyl only is the only rule. No theme, other than, “Luna & I needed to listen to this this week.”

LMK what we should listen to next. My record collection’s wider than it is deep. If I don’t have the artist, I’ll match the style…


Woke up slightly crunchy this morning after a friend’s “4-hour-dinner at Barbuto” birthday party. Wonderful counter programming.

AOTS is one of those records where there’s nowhere to stop. Even the sounds you make in flipping it are part of the show. Impenetrable fog. Then the first clear light as the fog breaks

Musgraves’ tracks here harken back to early Willie Nelson, Porter Waggoner, & Patsy Cline days, full of aching sketches of people on the margins looking beyond their horizons. No one loses hope in this world, but it goes bleak, belying every gorgeous melody and major-key harmony dripping off the grooves. Willie materializes in a hidden track at the end, cementing that Kacey’s is a world without judgments. You come out of it realizing that being young in America today just sucks, but because kids are smarter now than ever, not dumber